New Jaguar 2021 Jaguar I-Pace for Sale in Oklahoma City, OK

2021 Jaguar I-Pace in Oklahoma City



2021 I-Pace at Jaguar Oklahoma City

The 2021 I-Pace is the next in the Jaguar line of all-electric crossovers. And the look is as contemporary as the technology that is turning heads. Drivers are enthralled with the ability to blend a respectable capacity with what was once considered an extended range. But once again, Jaguar is setting the bar very high with its new technology and innovation to make all-electric vehicles as mainstream as all their other cars and SUVs.

The Numbers That Rule

Anyone who has considered an all-electric vehicle of any kind is always concerned about the power and range. Early electrics were known to feel odd, sluggish, and somewhat disappointing to drive. But the I-Pace has overcome all of those downfalls. With two electric motors and all-wheel drive, the I-Pace delivers 394 horsepower. And drivers continue to be shocked at the peppy acceleration and quickness of this SUV when driving in the city. The other concerns are always charging and range. The I-Pace is rated for 253 miles on a full charge. And an 80% charge can be reached at a commercial DC fast charging hub in only 40 minutes. A full charge at home on a 240-volt AC outlet will take about 8.6 hours, down from last year’s model that required 13 hours.

The Handling and Ride

The I-Pace provides the ride that you expect from all Jaguars courtesy of air suspension, and surprisingly the battery packs. These hefty units are loaded under the floor to help lower the center of gravity and balance the vehicle for increased handling and responsiveness. This innovative battery pack location goes a long way to making the I-Pace feel more nimble and agile for both the driver and passengers.

The Interior

As expected from a vehicle of this caliber, the interior is quite comfortable and well-appointed. And the list of optional features far exceeds the choices on many other all-electric vehicles. A sporty two-tone design makes the SUV feel and look very contemporary. And with optional features, including four-zone climate control, heated seats, various leather upholstery choices, and a heads-up display, you can easily customize the interior to your liking. And never fear, this is a legit SUV when it comes to hauling some cargo. With the rear seat folded down to maximize cargo space, 18 carry-on-style suitcases were accommodated. And when the rear seats were returned to offer added seating, the rear cargo space still managed to handle seven carry-on bags.

The Warranty

While you know the Jaguar is a name you can trust, it helps to have the warranty particulars when considering an all-electric vehicle. With one of the most comprehensive warranties offered, I-Pace owners enjoy a limited warranty for five years or 60,000 miles and the same powertrain coverage. The electrical components are covered for eight years, or 100,000 miles, and maintenance is covered for five years of 60k miles.

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